What Do Canadians Really Call It: Truck or Lorry?

When it comes to the English language, it’s no secret that there are variations in vocabulary depending on the region. One such example is the term used for a large motor vehicle designed to transport goods. In some parts of the world, it’s called a “truck,” while in others, it’s referred to as a “lorry.” But what about in Canada? Do Canadians call it a truck or a lorry? Let’s delve into this topic and find out.

Canadian English: A Blend of Influences

Canadian English is a unique blend of American and British English, with its own distinct vocabulary and pronunciation. This is due to Canada’s history, with both British and American influences playing a significant role in shaping the language. However, when it comes to the term for a large motor vehicle used for transporting goods, Canadians lean towards the American usage.

Truck or Lorry: What Do Canadians Say?

In Canada, the term used is “truck.” This is consistent with the terminology used in the United States. The term “lorry” is predominantly used in the United Kingdom and other countries that use British English. Therefore, if you’re in Canada and you need to refer to such a vehicle, “truck” is the word to use.

Why Do Canadians Use the Term “Truck”?

The use of the term “truck” in Canada can be attributed to the country’s geographical proximity and close ties with the United States. American English has had a significant influence on Canadian English, particularly in terms of vocabulary. This is evident in the use of words like “truck,” “elevator” (instead of “lift”), and “apartment” (instead of “flat”).

Are There Any Exceptions?

While “truck” is the standard term used in Canada, there may be exceptions in certain contexts or regions. For instance, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which has a unique dialect influenced by Irish and British English, you might hear different terms. However, these are more the exception than the rule.


In conclusion, while Canadian English is a fascinating blend of American and British influences, when it comes to the term for a large motor vehicle used for transporting goods, Canadians call it a “truck,” not a “lorry.” So, whether you’re visiting Canada or communicating with Canadian friends, remember to use “truck” to avoid any confusion.