The, one-off, McLaren 720S Spider by MSO dazzles in Geneva

McLaren 720S Spider by MSO One-Off

What do you think the acronyms mean MSO ? Well, it could be many things, but in the automotive sector it is clear: McLaren Special Operations . This department is responsible for the development and creation of unique models. Although everything has to be said, per se, those who sell the house of Woking are spectacular. However, from time to time they surprise us with toys like the one they presented at the Geneva Motor Show .

The McLaren 720S Spider by MSO It is a one-off (there will only be one) that presents several new features. From the outset, by name, you think not many, but you have to look at several details. All in all, those responsible for MSO wanted to show that the 720S Spider could still be faster than it was. But for this, they have not tightened their engine, but have spent many hours tuning their aerodynamic .

MSO has improved many areas of the McLaren 720S Spider

 McLaren 720S Spider by MSO One-Off

The areas that have improved are those that are painted in blue Burton and Cerulean as well as black Abyss . To create these effects, the MSO workers have been applying the paint, approximately, about 260 hours. To round off the changes of the exterior, we find some alloy wheels with 10 radios and exclusive design finished in glossy black.

According to the responsible for MSO Design /strong>, Darryl Scriven,

"This is a car that really combines art with science of aerodynamics" p>

McLaren 720S Spider by MSO One-Off

All in all , the changes are not limited to the exterior of the McLaren 720S Spider by MSO . Inside there is the Burton Blue Alcantara combination as well as MSO registration in several areas. To bring this configuration to life, the 720S Spider by MSO joins dark materials with the carbon fiber . These touches can be seen in the seats, steering wheel, center console, instrumentation or door handles.

Finally, we must talk about the engine. The McLaren 720S Spider by MSO maintains the block V8 4.0 liters biturbo of 720 HP and 770 Nm of maximum torque. The transmission that manages this potential is automatic double clutch and 7 relations SSG . Thanks to her, the benefits are infarct. Accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds and signs a maximum of 341 (closed) or 325 (descapotado).