The new Hyundai Sonata is already official, but perhaps difficult to look at

Hyundai Sonata 2019

Some time ago we told you that in Hyundai had thought merge the Sonata ​​strong> and i40 names. This operation has all the sense of the world, because despite the aesthetic differences, both models are the same. However, it was not until they presented the eighth generation of their saloon media , that they confirmed it. For this, they have released the first images on their official website, uncovering the design they will wear.

However, as usual, the official presentation of the new Hyundai Sonata ​​strong> will not be in Europe. To show it, the Asian firm has chosen a smaller appointment, but of vital importance for its impact on sales. The place chosen is the next New York Hall , which will be held in April. The reason for this is simple: The United States is the main market for this sedan. However, will you like the product you created?

Design risky, for a traditional saloon

 Hyundai Sonata 2019

Traditionally, the design of the Hyundai saloons have maintained a discreet cut. However, with the eighth generation, designers have created a product that risks in every way. From the outset, the frontal is the most impressive of those presented in recent years. The daytime driving lights, the optical groups , the grille and the chrome line take the bumper in two.

the daylight extends from the low area of ​​the headlights (Full LED) to the pronounced ribs of the bonnet. Following the optical groups, they become more dynamic, as they extend to the wheel arch. The grill , is perhaps the element that least attracts our attention, as the latest Hyundai have more and more marked. Finally, the chrome line divides the front grille and the air intake that is on the bumper.

What was the boss thinking about? design when you approved this back?

Hyundai Sonata 2019

The lateral view, is perhaps the most harmonious; until we get to the integration of the third volume . The designers of Hyundai have created a body sedan with a marked air coupe . Up there, good. As for tension lines, sheet-glass ratio and size of wheel arches, everything is perfect. In fact, the lines that run through the doors give an elegant and subtle image. The same assessment can be made for alloy wheels.

The problem comes when we go to the behind . There, the integration of the gate with the moon is good, but the headlights , end with the magic coupe. The lid of the boot ended in a small spoiler, gives way to optical groups in shape of "C" that join in the lower area. This aesthetic resource is similar to the one used by the fourth-generation Sonata, although at that time with better tact, it was chromed .

Finally, we can not ignore the format of your bumper later. Here, sanity returns, because it has some discrete lines and simple.All in all, the lines here are reminiscent of the ones featured on the Honda Civic sedan that is currently on sale. Although it is a difficult rear view (not to say ugly), we must praise the arrests of the brand, and more in such a complex market.

Luxurious and technological interior, BMW style

Hyundai Sonata 2019

If the exterior design of the eighth generation of the Hyundai Sonata is controversial, in the interior bet on the safe. Any profane, to see it, might think we are in a BMW of the latter, however, it is not. The problem is that the Hyundai designers have attacked where it hurts most, because the dashboard layout , central touch screen and some controls is very similar.

Thus, we find elements as a cockpit completely digital and configurable. The infotainment system is handled through a generously sized touch screen and the climate controls are at a second height. Among the trinkets that the new Hyundai Sonata shines, there is a system to access and start the vehicle through an App or an automatic change commanded by buttons.

The general quality , at least in the images given, it is at a great height. As is the norm, the cabin will be configured for five occupants, but that of the central rear seat, will be somewhat uncomfortable. The length of the set will reach 4.90 meters , a width of 1.89 meters and a height of 1.44 meters. The wheelbase grows 3.5 centimeters until it reaches 2.84 meters . For now, the capacity of the luggage compartment is unknown.

When will it hit the market?

 Hyundai Sonata 2019

The New York Motor Show will open its doors on April 19. After that, the new Hyundai Sonata will make its landing in the United States. Therefore, Europe should arrive in the first half of 2020. In addition, it will do so with a versatile family body , so that the most dynamic families will be in luck. Now, of course, it will be necessary to see what is the back of his designers.

Source - Hyundai

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