Mitsubishi Engelberg: a plug-in hybrid with 70 km in electric mode

front of the Mitsubishi Engelberg

The Geneva Motor Show has been the place chosen for the worldwide presentation of Mitsubishi Engelberg . A hybrid plug-in SUV named after a famous Swiss ski resort. Its 2.4-liter petrol engine, its four-wheel drive system and its ability to travel up to 70 km in electric mode are its arguments to position itself as one of the most interesting on the market. p>

The front of the Mitsubishi Engelberg has a grille closed for the engine , a sharp LED headlights DRL, various chrome details and reinforcements for the basses. The thin roof-mounted box has automatic opening and closing function and incorporates additional lights for off-road driving. But what makes us most clear that we are facing a concept is the lack of door handles and mirrors , which have been replaced by cameras.

A plug-in hybrid SUV with seven seats

Side of the Mitsubishi Engelberg

When you open the door of the Mitsubishi Engelberg you can see a spacious interior with three rows of seats , a white leather upholstery and blue ambient lights. The instrumentation has a simple design with digital watches and an infotainment system similar to a tablet. The controls in the center console are the air conditioning, the driving mode selector and the shift lever.

Dendo Drive House

Taking advantage of the presentation of the Mitsubishi Engelberg, the brand has launched the Dendo Drive House (DDH). A technology that its managers describe as "a system that includes a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, a bidirectional charger, solar panels and a domestic battery". With it you can supply power to a house and a vehicle and manage the use of panels or the conventional power grid. A device very similar to Tesla, which combines the charger for the car, the domestic battery Powerwall and the solar roof.

With this system Mitsubishi wants to reduce energy costs and reduce electricity bills.