In three months we will see a new Ferrari product, and it will be hybrid!

Ferrari Purosangue Industrial Plan

All the novelties and prototypes of the Geneva Motor Show They are left behind, although you can consult them in this other article, and now rumors taken from statements by important representatives of different brands begin to come to light. From the cavallino rampante brand, from Ferrari , we receive information that very soon we will see a new hybrid vehicle.

That's right. According to our colleagues from Auto Express , the Italian firm plans to launch a number of new products in 2019 , specifically five models, counting the recently unveiled Ferrari F8 Tribute. The information points out that in only three months we will know a new supercar, which in this case will use a hybrid propulsion system.

Seeing the path that it has the mobility , and although brands as traditional as Ferrari try to keep the thermal engines as an exclusive source of propulsion, this news is not surprising. And it is that anti-pollution regulations are becoming increasingly demanding and restrictive, which forces many manufacturers to look for this type of alternatives; even the most exclusive.

 Interior of the Ferrari F8 Tribute

According to our colleagues in their article, in a private conference some important Ferrari position stated that" the next product that we will introduce will be a hybrid, in two or three months s ". On the other hand, and in this same event, there was also talk about a new V6 engine . " It will be a new position, a new segment. The V6 helps us offer a different approach and allows us to be parents of a larger family without losing performance.

It would not be surprising if the cavallino brand> finally will launch to the market with V6 engine with electric support to compensate for this lack of performance of the "smaller" thermal engine; although this is only a possible idea. Anyway, we should not trust and think that a traditional V6 with turbo is not enough for Ferrari, remember that the V6 engine of 2.9 liters Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio is yours and supplies more than 500 hp. p>

On the other hand, and to finish, Ferrari also talked about his future SUV model . It seems a heresy, but we all know that at the commercial level it will work with pearls, like the Lamborghini Urus. The Ferrari SUV will arrive in 2022 . The CEO of Ferrari commented that they are not worried about being late to the market, but about being the best.

Source - Auto Express

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